Residential Moving Services in Canton & Uniontown, OH

Moving Company in Uniontown, OH

Whether you are moving an apartment or an entire home, moving is still a lot of work. When it comes to your home, we understand it is your personal life you are allowing us to invade. Our staff is very detailed from start to finish, beginning with your moving quote. We want to make sure that you get the accurate information, and we bring the appropriate team and equipment for the job. Our staff is trained to ask specific questions about walking distances, landings in stairwells, fragile or glass items, and even about parking set ups. By knowing these details about your belongings and home we can provide a more accurate moving estimate.

Estimates can be done in person or over the phone, for larger homes we do require to do a in person walk through. In person estimates do tend to be more accurate, our estimators may think of something to add to the inventory list you might not realize while on the phone.

Call us today at 330-354-3262 to get a walk through set up, they are complimentary!